Laundry Tips & Tricks

How Often You Should Actually Wash Your Clothes 

how often you should be doing your laundry

To wash or not to wash? A question we’ve all faced at the end of a day. You look your jeans over for visible stains, and even maybe even give them the old sniff test.   But that doesn’t really convince you one way or the other. You might decide to play it safe and go ahead and wash them. Couldn’t hurt right?   Not so fast. Washing your clothes more than needed wears them out…

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How to Store Winter Clothes: A Complete Guide 

how to store winter clothes

Now that winter’s snow and slush seem to finally be behind us, you may soon find yourself re-arranging your clothes closet. Out with the scarves and sweaters, in with the shorts and tank-tops. But, how do you ensure those bulky winter clothes stay fresh and ready for next year?  Use this complete guide for the best tips on how to store winter clothes.  Cleaning Winter Clothes   Before storing any type of clothing,…

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Ironing Day made Easy

Ironing is one of those tasks not loved by too many people. However, there comes a time you just have to face the music and get on with the job! Here are some Clean Laundry hints on making ironing a little easier. No Ironing-Ironing Though it may not be the most frugal, if you place…

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Great Stocking Stuffers for Laundry Lovers

If you’re looking for those last minute ideas and you know someone who does laundry then this is your blog!  Clean Laundry loves making your life easier and fun with some of these ideas. Stain Fighter Stocking Stuffer One of our favorites is the powerful laundry stain fighting friend, Fels-Naptha.  This is a heavy duty…

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Thanksgiving Table Check list

There’s nothing better than sitting down to a beautiful, stress-free Thanksgiving Table! Here’s just a few fun tips from Clean Laundry to check off your list so you can enjoy your food, family and friends! Two weeks before Thanksgiving Prepare a list of dinner guests, write out your menu, shopping list and a cooking timetable. …

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Safety First: Hazardous Spills and Inhalation

Sometimes we feel like we’re all thumbs around cleaning products. At Clean Laundry, we want you to know what to do during an accident with cleaning products.   Because bleach is a common and potentially dangerous laundry cleaning product, it should be used with great care.   When working with bleach, remember: Review the manufacturer’s…

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Guys Laundry 101

One of the first things young men will be confronted with getting out on their own, or away at college, is doing laundry.  Although it might be a bit confusing, it really isn’t rocket science.  Clean Laundry will show you the basic essentials of mastering this task. You don’t have to wash everything you wear…

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Clever Ways to Organize Everything Laundry!

This is the time of year when we all get so busy with everything from kids activities to holiday preparations.  Watch as Clean Laundry shows you 10 ways to enjoy an organized Clean Laundry day! Where there are pockets, there’s money! Hang up or keep a change jar in your laundry room to collect all…

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How to Wear and Care for Color Block Clothing

There is something fun about mixing (not matching) bright colors to pull an outfit together! Primary colors work especially well with color blocking, but you can be as creative as you like with any color combinations. Sorting Make sure that you sort your items by same colors. Cold wash Always wash in cold water and…

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