Clean Laundry Investment Opportunities

Clean Laundry is an intelligent, conservative investment with proven results and a focus on continuous growth. We’re actively expanding into new markets across the U.S. with new stores opening monthly.

Traditional coin-operated laundries have proven to be a profitable and sustainable business model for years, but they've lacked proper marketing support and convenient operational controls. Clean Laundry offers both, and a whole lot more.

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Why do customers love Clean Laundry?

With 24-7 security monitoring, big screen TV's, free WiFi, snacks & beverages, a local Clean Laundry in your community will surprise and delight an underserved market.

Customers love how fast they can wash and dry their clothes—a typical customer is in and out within an hour.

Why do licensees love Clean Laundry?

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Minimal start-up costs

As a licensee, your initial expense is minimal, allowing you to build your customer base and turn a positive cash flow quickly. Even down the road, operating costs and overhead remain consistently low. Our proprietary store design is proven to operate at nearly one-half the utility consumption, saving you thousands of dollars a month in water, sewer, gas, and electric costs.

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State-of-the-art equipment

Clean Laundry utilizes Dexter™ brand washer and dryer equipment. These machines are built to last and are so advanced that you can monitor performance and maintenance needs, as well as real-time store auditing and reporting, remotely from The 24-hour two-way camera/audio monitoring and security systems ensure a safe and secure store, no matter what time of day. With our convenient tools, you can manage many aspects of your store remotely without having to physically be there.

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A proven, profitable business model

Results from corporate-owned stores prove that positive cash flow is achievable in the early on, often in the first month. Overhead costs remain static regardless of the foot traffic in your store and 85% of every dollar you make goes directly to the bottom line. This means you can break even within months and pay off your investment in full within eight years.

Investment Options

Whether you want to own and operate your own territory, or simply invest in the development of future stores, Clean Laundry offers opportunities that provide freedom in your work-life balance to best suit your needs and goals.

Active Investment 

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to be involved in the day-to-day operations, making decisions and keeping track of financials? Then the active investment is best for you. To be an active investor, you must be the majority owner of a store or store(s). Choose to invest in one store or multiple stores.

Passive Investment 

Are you looking to invest in a low-risk, proven concept and want to leave the operations and day-to-day work to us? Then the passive investment option is best for you. You could be the full or majority owner of an entire territory, or partner with us to enter one of our target territories.

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The Cost of a Clean Start

Cost Estimates

So, what does it take to be part of the Clean Laundry team? Financial requirements vary depending on the investment type you choose and the exact details of the location(s) and store(s). The upfront license fees cover all costs related to location scouting, demographic research, lease negotiations, design & build management, and other administrative tasks related to picking the perfect location. We help our investors get access to exclusive financing on a majority of the investment.

Financing is easy and readily available! Inquire with a Clean Laundry representative today to learn more.

License & consulting fee $35,000
Construction & other costs $165,000
Equipment costs $550,000
Royalties 5% monthly
Average cash needed to start operating $200,000*
Average total investment $750,000
Experience: Previous license or operations experience preferred but not required
Average Unit Size: 2,200–3,000 sq. ft.

Numbers calculated are based on average unit size of 2,200-3,000 sq. ft.
*Assumes financing obtained for equipment only.

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Territory Opportunities

Site selection is our special sauce.

After countless research hours, we've created a proprietary formula for identifying locations in the United States that hold the most growth potential for new store sites. We look at a number of data, including population density, average income, number of rental properties, and real estate costs. We are continually identifying preferred high-performing locations across the United States, which we rapidly move towards capitalizing on. Talk to a representative today to learn more.

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Licensee Process

Clean Laundry runs efficiently and the steps to getting your store up and running are no exception. With our simple process, you can see your dream come to life in no time.



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A Laundry List of Support

When you partner with Clean Laundry, we continually provide you with the knowledge, experience, and support you need to succeed. You will be guided through the process of selecting the best location, designing, and building your store, obtaining the right equipment, and even creating marketing materials. We supply you with the tools necessary to start running your business the right way from day one.

  • Site Selection
  • Store Design and Buildout
  • Operations
  • Training
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • IT Support
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Location Selection

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Design & Build

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Equipment Allocation

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Marketing Support

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Management Mentorship

Free Consultation

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