Top-loader washer vs front-load washer at Clean Laundry

Save money doing laundry

Ever wonder how much the average coin-operated washing machine is costing you? When you compare a top-load washer to a state-of-the-art machine at Clean Laundry, you’d be surprised how much extra money (and time) you’re flushing down the drain.

Your average top-load washer

Let’s take a typical top-load, coin-operated washer you’d find in an apartment building or old-fashioned laundromat. A small one can wash up to one load at a time, and requires:

  • a cup of detergent
  • 10 tokens*
  • 30 minutes per wash cycle

But…you’ve got three loads of laundry… so that’s:

  • 3 cups of detergent
  • 30 tokens
  • 90 minutes of wash time (not even counting dryer times!)

A 3-load washer at Clean Laundry

As an example, our 3-load washers can handle all three hampers at once, and require fewer coins/tokens per load. Prices vary per location, but as an example, let’s say this machine’s wash cycle requires 17 tokens, a cup of detergent, and takes about 20 minutes per cycle. This machine may appear to cost more on the surface, but when you do the math, the cost per load is much lower.

And let’s not forget a whole lot of added benefits:

A front-load washing machine is faster

What makes these machines so fast? Well, for one, our machines spin much faster than those other machines. This ultra-fast spin rate means you get the same amount of spins in a shorter amount of time. Plus, we have large capacity machines that can fit up to nine loads at once—you could wash your comforters, pillows, pet beds, blankets, and more in a single load and have it washed and dried in about an hour. Try that at some old run-down laundromat!

You can use less detergent

We are proud to provide customers with quality soft water. The benefits of soft water are numerous, and one little-known fact is that you can use 1/2 or 3/4 of the detergent to get the same amount of clean. How? The sodium in the water reacts better with the soap to produce more suds, which enhances your detergent’s effectiveness, which means you can use less and still get a better wash.

You’ll get a better wash

Not only does soft water allow for less detergent, but it’s also gentler on fabrics—giving you brighter brights, whiter whites, and a wardrobe that won’t fade or wear nearly as much compared to a hard-water wash. Your laundry will be softer and more colorful for longer—lengthening the life of your wardrobe and enhancing the comfort of your fabrics.

So how much could you save?

Let’s say you wash an average of 3 loads of laundry per week. Using the example prices listed above, over the course of a year that’ll take:

  • 1,560 tokens*
  • 156 cups of detergent
  • 78 hours (!!) of laundry time (which doesn’t even include drying time…)

Compare that with a weekly wash at Clean Laundry. Over the course of a year, that same amount of laundry requires:

  • 676 fewer tokens*
  • 78 fewer cups of detergent
  • and saves you over 60 hours worth of time simply washing your clothes.

And keep in mind this example only applies to a 3-load machines. Most Clean Laundry locations have 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9-load machines. Use those and experience even more savings. When you look at a typical top-loader and our state-of-the-art machines side-by-side, there is really no comparison. So the next time you’re staring at a big pile of dirty laundry, bring it into Clean Laundry and experience the difference for yourself!

*Cost comparison based on an average top-load washer priced at $2.50 per cycle. A 3-load washer at Clean Laundry has 3x the capacity and can wash the same amount of clothes for less cost per load. Prices vary per location, see store for details.

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