Experience the Clean Laundry Difference

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Our Promise: Clean, Comfortable,  and Convenient

Clean Laundry is a fresh laundromat concept that puts an emphasis on your laundry day experience. We do this through our brand promise: to create an environment that is clean, comfortable, and convenient.

Our Services

We offer three ways to wash for your convenience! We meet our customers where they're at with time, budget, or schedules.


Self-Service Laundry

Our clean laundromats offer the best laundry experience in your area! Open late, bright LED lights, with superwash large capacity machines.

Wash, Dry, Fold Laundry

Our wash and fold laundry service: you drop off your laundry and pick it up fresh and clean, the next day! We even fold it for you!

Delivery Laundry Service

Pickup and drop off laundry service, you don't have to do a thing except schedule your order! Now that is convenient!

Our Laundromats

We believe you deserve a clean space to do laundry, that is why our Clean Laundry laundromats are consistently top-rated for cleanliness and quality. All our locations are equipped with features that embody our brand promise of clean, comfortable, and convenient locations.

Daily Cleans

We believe that in order to get a great wash, laundromats should be clean. Our stores are cleaned multiple times a day.

Friendly Teams

Our team is friendly, fun, and is there to make your experience enjoyable. We take care of our customers and make sure your laundry day is a delight!

Mobile Laundry Apps

Depending on your needs, our mobile apps allow you to check to see if a store is busy before coming in, view your laundry time progress, and earn rewards and loyalty points. Or, our Clean Laundry Express app allows you to schedule a pickup for us to do your laundry!

Soft Water

Every one of our laundromats has soft water which gives your clothes an extra soft feel and only requires half the detergent as a regular machine, getting a cleaner wash.

Safe Environment

24/7 video surveillance and bright LED lightings so you feel safe, even late at night. Our doors lock automatically from the outside so you can finish your laundry late at night safely in-store.

Pay Options with Perks

No matter what you prefer, coin, card, or mobile pay, we have options for all! In store, you can download our mobile app to pay and control your machines via phone.

Green Energy

Our stores use 1/2 the electricity, natural gas, and water of a typical laundromat. We have soft water and we make sure it's hot using energy-efficient heaters.

Modern Amenities

Free WiFi, big-screen HDTVs, charging ports, and soft seating makes your laundry visit go fast with all top-notch capabilities.

Fast and Efficient

Our machines use high efficient cycles and every location has soft water, which means you can use less detergent for cleaner clothes. We also have fast cycles for wash and drying, which allows you to finish your laundry in less than an hour! It's about time!

Loved Clean Laundry! Got all of our laundry done for the week in an hour! It is organized, bright and has really nice machines! We will for sure be back! 

Shelley S., Clean Laundry Customer 

Super Clean and super fast. I did 12 loads of laundry in 36 minutes.

Nikki O., Clean Laundry Customer 

This place is amazing!! Free WiFi, pay with your debit/credit card option for snacks and even laundry! Amazing customer service and very spacious!!

Jamie M., Clean Laundry Customer