how to store winter clothes

Now that winter’s snow and slush seem to finally be behind us, you may soon find yourself re-arranging your clothes closet. Out with the scarves and sweaters, in with the shorts and tank-tops. But, how do you ensure those bulky winter clothes stay fresh and ready for next year? 

Use this complete guide for the best tips on how to store winter clothes. 

Cleaning Winter Clothes  

Before storing any type of clothing, it’s important to ensure it’s washed clean. Otherwise, you risk attracting pests, mold, mildew, and lasting odors. Even if your clothes appear to be totally clean, it’s worth washing to make sure. Just the smallest bit of perfume, lotion, or perspiration can cause your stored clothes to stain and yellow. 

  • Machine wash all non-delicate winter items. To save money, consider going to your nearest Clean Laundry on a free wash or dry day.
  • Clothing made from silk, wool, or cashmere should be dry-cleaned.
  • Clean and polish your winter boots and shoes. Start with a wet rag and make sure you wipe all the salt stains and dirt off to prevent permanent damage.  

Storing Winter Clothes  

Once all your winter clothes are completely clean and dry, it’s time to start packing them away. Believe it or not, there’s a bit more to it than simply throwing everything in a storage container. 

  • Snow Gear – Coats, snow pants, and boots can all be placed in large storage containers. Put the heavy boots in first, followed by snow pants and coats.  Do not overstuff containers. If you have a lot of shoes and boots, consider putting them all in plastic shoe boxes.
  • Delicate Items – For any items you dry-cleaned, like cashmere scarves or wool gloves, it’s best not to put them in plastic boxes. Natural fiber clothing can’t breathe properly in plastic boxes. Instead, wrap them in acid-free tissue paper, and place them in a fabric storage container.
  • Sweaters and Long-Sleeved Shirts – Instead of folding these, roll them up and then store in under-bed storage boxes. Not only does this help eliminate wrinkles, it also maximizes space. 

Always store winter clothes in a cool, clean, dark, and dry environment. 

For extra organization, take a picture of all the clothes before placing them in their storage container. Then, print the picture and tape it to the outside of that container. Now you can quickly remind yourself of everything in that box without even opening it!


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