To wash or not to wash? A question we’ve all faced at the end of a day. You look your jeans over for visible stains, and even maybe even give them the old sniff test.  

But that doesn’t really convince you one way or the other.

You might decide to play it safe and go ahead and wash them. Couldn’t hurt right?  

Not so fast. Washing your clothes more than needed wears them out quicker. But the alternative could be even worse. Washing clothes too infrequently can make you smelly, unhygienic, and may even cause bacteria growth. 

So, what are laundry frequency best practices? 

When to Wash What 

  • Bathing Suits –  after every wear.
  • Bath Towels – after three to five normal uses, but make sure you hang it up to dry between each use. (If you use your towel to wipe sweat or blood, wash it right away).
  • Bed Sheets – at least every two weeks. If you sweat a lot at night or sleep with any pets, you probably should wash every week.
  • Bras – after three to four wears. Just don’t wear the same one on consecutive days, the elastic needs a chance to regain its shape.
  • Coats – every two to three months of wear.
  • Dresses – after one to two wears.
  • Dress Shirts – after two to three wears (if you wore an undershirt).
  • Jeans – washing after four to five wears is a safe bet (although a Levi Strauss & Co. Employee only washes his every six months).
  • Leggings, Tights, Yoga Pants – after one to two wears.
  • Slacks, Skirts, and Shorts – after three to four wears.
  • Pajamas – after three to four wears (If you shower before bed, you may be able to get a few more wears in).
  • Socks – every wear.
  • Sportswear – every wear (you better be breaking a sweat though!).
  • Suits – a happy medium is every four wears for both wool and synthetic suits.
  • T-shirts, Tanks Tops, and Camisoles – every wear.
  • Underwear – every wear (no you can’t just turn them inside out).
  • Whites and Silks – every wear. 

Now, if you enter a rib eating contest on a hot summer day, you will probably have to adjust this wash schedule. 

Everyone has their own personal hygiene preferences. If you still find yourself wondering if you should wash something, the answer is probably yes.  


It’s About Time,


Clean Laundry 

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