Welcome to the first official blog for Clean Laundry!

Our plan is to blog weekly on how-tos, laundry tips, product comparisons, and the dos and don’ts when doing laundry. Since this is the first blog, we wanted you to get to know us first before you start taking our advice!

Clean Laundry is a division of CoreComp Advisors and is owned by local Cedar Valley residents. Store Co-Founder and Manager Ethan Akin grew up in the neighborhood where the store is located, and he’s a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa. Ethan is in and around the store a lot so if you need anything he is your guy!

Clean Laundry is a simple idea. When you go to a place to get your clothes cleaned, they should be clean. It should be fast, comfortable, and do the best job ever washing and drying your clothes. It should be a pleasant, comfortable place that’s safe, secure, and that provides great value for an affordable price.

The above requirements were vital to the construction of Clean Laundry. Always keeping those things in mind is how we came up with our products and services. We offer a wider range of washers, dryers, detergents, and more to make your experience the best it can be![image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”4930″]

But, that’s not all we offer. We have free wireless internet, 70” flat screen T.V’s, snacks, and beverages available daily for all of our customers.

It’s important that our customers feel cared for and appreciated. Keep checking our social media sites for flash sales and special promotions.

It’s about time,

Clean Laundry

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