Our Laundry Equipment

Efficient, state-of-the-art machines give you a better wash in half the time

All of the laundry equipment chosen for our stores is the most energy-efficient available. Each store uses about 1/2 the electricity, natural gas, and water of a typical laundromat. Everything down to our LED lighting was carefully chosen to ensure minimal energy consumption.

Washing machines, from large to small

Get a better wash in half the time with these state-of-the-art machines

Super-Sized Washers = 9 Laundry Loads

You can do 80 pairs of jeans, bulky bedding, or large rugs


XXXL Washers = 6 Laundry Loads

Do the whole family's laundry in just 1 machine


XXL Washers = 5 Laundry Loads

You can get 50-lbs. of laundry in one of these Express Machines done in under a half-hour


XL Washers = 4 Laundry Loads

You can wash 40-lbs. of laundry in these mega washing machines


Large Washers = 3 Laundry Loads

Big loads, large items, not a problem


Double Washers = 2 Laundry Loads

Get the best cleaning ever for your smaller loads

Dexter Washing Machine at Clean Laundry

Soft Water

Our state-of-the-art Culligan water softening system means you get the highest-quality water to clean your clothes. Soft water gets your whites whiter, your clothes brighter, and is more gentle on your fabrics. Soft water also lets you clean your clothes using only 1/2 the amount of detergent—huge savings for you.


Hot Water

Our hot water is hot, not lukewarm. Each Clean Laundry laundromat has multiple state-of-the-art, energy-efficient water heaters to keep up the demand even at the busiest of times. Hot water cleans clothes. When you pay for hot water, we make sure you get it.

Dryers that spin fast and efficiently

All of our dryers allow you to add time easily, with quarters, tokens, or through a mobile app

Dexter dryer at Clean Laundry

Super-Sized Dryers = 9 Laundry Loads

Put your largest bulky items or all your family's laundry in just one dryer


XL Dryers = 5 Laundry Loads

Move a ton of air through your clothes to dry them fast, yet still be gentle on them


Large Dryers = 3 Laundry Loads

Fast, efficient, and gentle


Let's Go for a Spin

Experience the Clean Laundry Difference