Clean Laundry laundromat storefront on Lee Rd. in Orlando, FL

Excited to offer Orlando residents a safe, clean, and convenient laundromat

In November 2020, we opened a new Clean Laundry store in Orlando, our first location in that area and the third store in the Sunshine State! You can bring all of your laundry and get it done in just ONE hour at the 1084 Lee Road location.  No matter how much laundry you have, the equipment at our Clean Laundry laundromat can get it washed and dried faster than you ever thought possible. Bring in your jam-packed clothes hampers, king-size comforters, pet beds, rugs, and all piles of laundry today, and watch the laundry get done in just a blink.

What is Clean Laundry?

bringing you a clean laundromat that you deserve!

Clean Laundry is a modern-day laundromat with machines capable of washing and drying loads in as little as one hour. This revolutionary brand of laundromat features mobile-pay options, free high-speed Wi-Fi,  large screen HDTVs, USB charging stations, and seating areas. Outfitted with bright LED lighting, stainless-steel machines, and state-of-the-art security surveillance, the Clean Laundry brand has differentiated itself from traditional laundromats.

A brand rooted in Iowa, the first store was developed in 2014 in Waterloo, IA by father-son duo, Phil and Ethan Akin. Over the years the company has grown to 7 other, with locations popping up all over the nation. But, we’re not stopping anytime soon! The Orlando store is just down the state in Kissimmee, where there are 2 Clean Laundry locations.

Why a Clean Laundry Store in Orlando?

“Clean, comfortable, and efficient machines were lacking in laundromats”  explains co-founder of Clean Laundry, Ethan Akin, on how the concept was developed. “We wanted to give customers an alternative option that made doing laundry enjoyable.”

These modern amenities are all part of the mission Clean Laundry is focused on fulfilling for customers: a clean, safe, and modern laundromat experience. It appears to be working as the rapid growth of Clean Laundry is apparent with its multi-location, multi-state licensing business.

“Orlando has a major need for a high-end laundromat to serve its visitors and residences alike,” said Scott Stackhouse, owner of Florida locations, “We know Clean Laundry will give the community a cleaner, faster, and more efficient way to do laundry.”

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