Washing In Waterloo, Iowa Continues

We have opened our doors once again to the public at 1209 Flammang Drive, Waterloo. Also, we’re excited to announce another opening of the newest Clean Laundry at 221 Franklin St. This will be our third and fourth laundromat in Waterloo, and our 25th location in the country, and we’re excited to keep bringing the CLEAN in Clean Laundry for you! Stay tuned for announcements and promotions by SIGNING UP FOR OUR MAILING LIST and FOLLOWING US ON FACEBOOK.

Why Clean Laundry?🤔

In 2014, Cedar Valley local Akin family opened the first Clean Laundry location on Sovia Drive in Waterloo. Shortly after, a second store opened on Progress Avenue. Nearly eight years later and after joining forces with Clickstop, Inc. in Urbana, the laundromat brand has over 20 locations in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Florida, Arizona, and Texas. The Akins, still heavily involved in the brand’s growth and owners of 3 locations, are now opening two more locations, coming back again to Waterloo. 

All locations around the country are equipped with the Clean Laundry design style with bright LED lights, stainless steel express machines, and technology including high-speed free WiFi, security surveillance video monitors, and mobile-pay options. Customers can expect a clean environment to do laundry with added benefits like soft water and super-sized machines that wash and dry within an hour. Saving you time and money!

Putting The CLEAN In Clean Laundry

Phil Akin has been in the laundromat business since the 1980s, he knows thindustry in and out and feels strongly about providing a great laundromat experience to all guests. “We set out to make the chore of doing laundry the best part of our customer’s day. Our facilities put a strong emphasis on being the cleanest laundromat that focuses on giving our customer’s time back” says Akin. “We say it’s about time, meaning that it’s time for everyone in Waterloo to get a nice place to do laundry, and not have to spend all day at the laundromat.”

A Spin In The Future🌀

Soon, a new location on Franklin St. near the Hwy 63 intersection will open and become the fourth location in Waterloo. It will operate with 26 super-sized washers and 24 dryers. 

Stay tuned for grand opening promotions later this spring. You won’t want to miss out, so SIGN UP FOR OUR MAILING LIST and FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK. Bring your dirty laundry and get it done in just ONE hour with our super-sized machines!

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