Career opportunities at Clean Laundry

Clean Laundry is growing at a rapid pace. New stores are opening across the country while existing stores are adding new capabilities. There is a staggering amount of work constantly being juggled by the team fueling the growth of the brand. The results of their efforts give testimony to the quality of their work. While the results have been exceptional, we are motivated to achieve more.

Here are four characteristics that are required to succeed as a team member at Clean Laundry.

It’s a business and needs to be profitable in order to be sustainable. How we achieve growth and profit matters. Creating a safe, secure, efficient, and comfortable environment for our guests matter to our team. It’s about more than just creating a business; it’s about building a business that people care about.
Guests care because providing exceptional cleaning and drying experience improves their life and makes is more efficient. This leads to growth for our company, retention, and the opportunity to develop long-term relationships in communities by providing a service that makes a positive impact.

Confidence grows as we consistently perform at high levels and focus on great results. One team member searches for the next right market. Another is on the ground identifying sites within an already identified market. An Area Manager and Construction Manager work with local contractors to finalize the necessary work in preparation for the store opening, which the marketing team has been promoting through various channels. Store operations teams are responsibly ensuring the cleanliness and safety of stores to ensure guests have a great experience every time they visit.
This is happening all the time. Team members understand the ripple effect of their decisions – both on guests and on their team members. They don’t offer excuses and they don’t accept them. Our team is quick to applaud each other’s efforts. We are a highly responsible team. This commitment to responsibility has led to and will sustain Clean Laundry’s success for the long term.

There are team members spread across multiple states and cities. Taking time to ask thoughtful questions to seek understanding is critical to ensuring that the most important things are getting attention. And as things evolve, mistakes can happen. When they do, it’s critical for our team to remain calm, communicable, and approachable keep things moving forward to resolution.
Additionally, there are a variety of strengths and experiences that create unique perspectives. Utilizing the strengths of our diverse team is the responsibility of each of us, and our Clean Laundry team wisely seek other’s experience and intellect to find the best solution.

Taking risks has been a part of the growing process. Laundromats don’t exactly scream innovation, yet the team is innovating and redefining a very old industry. It’s about time. Identifying opportunities to better serve the guests is critical as a young, fast-growing laundry chain. Just because a guest has a washer and dryer in their home doesn’t mean they won’t look to the laundromat to do their laundry. What if we were to do it for them? That courageous expedition led to the creation of Clean Laundry Express.
As a member of the store operations team, courage is critical. When we are working at our best, we’re marked by respectfully saying what we think even if it’s controversial; lobbying for ideas but seeking consensus and resolution for progress, and taking educated risks while owning their success and failure.

Do these sound like you? Explore careers at Clean Laundry here.

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