As summer comes to an end, we’ve been asked many times in the store about washing bathing suits. Swimwear can be a pretty big investment and is constantly exposed to things like chlorine, sun, sand, sweat, and sunscreen. This makes the delicate fabric susceptible to serious wear-and-tear making it even more important to make sure you’re washing your suits correctly.

Washing a bashing suit can be tricky. When it comes to finding out how to properly wash swim wear there is a lot of mixed information. With the help of our friends at Style Caster, we have put together a short list of great tips on how to care for your bathing suit.

How to make your bathing suit look like you just bought it:

• Rinse it out with tap water. Your swimsuit doesn’t need to be washed with detergent each time you wear it, but it should be rinsed in water every time you take it off after swimming or sunning. This removes most of the sunscreen, dirt, sweat, and chlorine.

• Add detergent after a few wears. You’ll want to add a little detergent after a few wears. Turn your bathing suit inside out and add a tablespoon or less of liquid detergent to a filled sink. Set for a few minutes and then rinse well.

• Never wring out or twist your swimsuits. Gently squeeze the water from the suit, and lay it flat to dry.

• Don’t lay them in the sun. Laying bathing suits in the sun to dry can actually fade the fabric and add wear and tear to your swimsuit. Dry it indoors or in the shade.

• Remove stains with baking soda or vinegar. Add a generous amount of baking soda directly onto the stain, and let it to sit for one to two hours before washing gently as directed above.

• Use the machine at the end of the season. Only wash your bathing suit in a washing machine at the end of the summer or the end of your vacation, before you store your suit. It’s okay to wash it on the machine’s gentle cycle with a bit of Woolite. This should be done only after many wears. Skip the machine all together if your bathing suit has any type of sewn-on embellishments.

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