It’s hard watching a favorite item of clothing become washed out…literally. And it’s an even sadder day when you have to toss items out because they become unwearable.

At Clean Laundry, we know the value of your wardrobe and the importance in prolonging the life of all your clothes. That’s why we have soft water in our machines!

Hard water is water that contains a quantity of dissolved minerals (like calcium and magnesium).

Soft water is treated water in which the only contains sodium. The result is a purer form of H2O.

Top reasons why using soft water is better for your clothes:

1. Clothes stay brighter and look better. Hard water leaves minerals in most fabrics over time, giving the appearance of dull and worn out clothing.

2. Clothes can be washed in cold water. When you wash your clothes in hard water, you typically will have to use warm or hot water to get them clean. Hard water leaves minerals on your fabrics that are easier to rinse off with hotter water. When you wash your clothes in soft water, you can use cold water and get the same results, while saving money!

3. Soft water has more washing power than hard water, so you don’t have to use as much detergent to get the same results. You may find that you can use up to 2/3 less detergent to get those items of clothes clean. Another cost savings!

4. Your clothes last longer. The minerals in hard water not only make detergent less effective, they cause damage to fabric fibers. This can shorten the life of your clothes by as much as 30%.

Stop in today and try our soft water machines. Let us help keep you looking your best!

It’s about time,

Clean Laundry

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