We’ve all had this scenario one time or another, a forgotten tissue or piece of paper in your laundry wash, causing a lint storm in your dryer!
Clean Laundry has gathered up some tips to help you tackle this pesky problem.
Always check pockets before putting items in the washing machine. You will also decrease the amount of lint on your clothes by emptying the lint trap in your dryer frequently while doing laundry.

Here are a few of our favorite de-linting tips from some of the experts who know:


Lint roller

Sticky tape lint rollers are made from several layers of tape similar to masking tape. As you are using the roller, check it several times, if the tape is no longer sticky, tear off the used sheet to expose a new one and continue.


Lint brush

Most lint brushes are made from a short-pile material that sweeps away lint and hair. Lint brushes normally have two sides and are reversible brushes. Sweep it over your garments in the direction of the arrows typically located on the side of the brush head.
Quick tips:
• De-linting tools are typically found where other laundry care items are sold.
• Take a lint brush or roller to the laundromat or keep one in your laundry room to remove lint as soon as you see it.
• Carry a portable lint brush in your glove box or purse for quick cleanups on the go.




Household tape

To remove lint without rollers or brushes, simply roll any type of tape around two or three of your fingers with the adhesive side facing out. Brush the garment with your taped fingers until it is free of lint, replacing the tape as needed.
Sweater materials are magnets for lint. You can shave lint balls or pills off a sweater with a single blade disposable razor or fabric shaver. Place your garment on a firm, flat surface and glide the razor over just as you would if you were shaving your legs. Gently taking care not to pull the sweater’s fibers. Take it outdoors and give it a good thorough shake.
More tips:
• It’s always best to lay your garment on a flat surface to remove lint. This way you can get complete visual access to all sides of the item.
• Never use a lint shaver on clothing while wearing. Laying items on a flat surface will help protect both skin and fabric.
• To break up lint pills on sweaters and towels, wrap a piece of nylon net into a ball and toss it into your dryer.
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