Summer is here! Whether you frequent the pool daily, or are just coming back from a vacation, it’s important to know how to properly wash your swim suit.

Here are some Clean Laundry tips:

Rinse after each wear 
It is not necessary to wash your swim suit with soap after every wear, but you should always rinse it. A long day in the sun can cause sand, chlorine and sweat build up. To save your swim suit from a mildew smell and to keep it clean, simply rinse your swim suit in a sink or bucket with cool water.

Use soap every few wears
Every few times you wear your swimsuit, rinse it in cool water with a dab of gentle detergent. Always mix the detergent and water first. Never put detergent directly on your suit as this can make it hard to rinse all the way out.

Machine washing
The best time to wash your swim suit is at the end of the summer before you put it away for winter. Machine washing it after each wear can damage the material and warp the color.

Place swim suit in a lingerie or mesh bag. Wash on a gentle cycle with cold water. While it’s not necessary to wash with other swim suits, make sure there are not any items that could snag your suit (like zippers or embellishments).

Never machine dry your suit or dry it in the sun. Simply lay it on a flat surface and let air dry.

It’s About Time,

Clean Laundry

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