Stains are unavoidable. They are truly one of our worst enemies and one of the most tedious tasks when doing laundry. No matter how many times we wash something, we can still see the remainder of last night’s dinner on our white shirt. While stains can happen to anyone at anytime we have learned a couple of great tricks from our friends as

  •  Pre-treat stains with a stain stick. When using a stain stick you are able to treat the stain as soon as you take it off. Even if you don’t wash it for a while, it will still work! It can help get out pen stains, chocolate and other greasy stains.
  • Adding OxiClean to any load can help you remove grass, blood, dirt and grape juice stains.
  • There are some stains you shouldn’t pre-treat. Markers or crayons can set the stain in.
  • If you have a tricky stain that just won’t come out, air dry the item and try again.
  • Sunshine is great for more than a nice tan! It can also help get those unwanted baby stains out of clothes.
  • Regular bleach can get almost every stain out of white clothes.
  • To keep socks together, especially those small ones worn by babies or toddlers, place them in a mesh laundry bag.

Using some of these tips and tricks may help you get out those nasty stains that you once thought would be there forever.

It’s About Time,
Clean Laundry

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