Most of us don’t want to be doing laundry in the first place let alone spending extra time sorting through clothing labels and making a potentially easy laundry day more time consuming. But, there is more to sorting your laundry than just separating your dark clothes from your white clothes. Remembering these tips will keep your clothes lasting longer, looking better and fitting perfectly.

Sorting doesn’t have to take a long time as long as you make it part of your weekly laundry routine. And, everybody is different. If you have a large family consider having different laundry baskets for each load. If you’re doing laundry for one just separate it right before putting it into the washer.

Many people don’t bother separating their clothes at all because they just set the wash cycle to cold for every load. But, that doesn’t work for everything.

We suggest considering these categories when sorting your laundry:
• Whites
• Darks
• Delicates
• Lint Lovers
• Denim
• Fluorescents

Below are our top three reasons why you should ALWAYS separate your clothes when doing laundry:
• Washing delicates with heavy material creates the possibility of rips and tears, which will ruin your clothes. Separate these types of garments from the start and you wont have this problem.
• Fuzzy clothing items such as flannels, new sweatshirts and towels, and socks tend to get lint on other items during the wash and dry cycle. Wash them in a load by themselves.
• Washing on cold won’t always guarantee that your darks won’t bleed into your lights. Better safe than sorry.

It’s About Time,
Clean Laundry

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