Safety First: Hazardous Spills and Inhalation

Sometimes we feel like we’re all thumbs around cleaning products. At Clean Laundry, we want you to know what to do during an accident with cleaning products.


Because bleach is a common and potentially dangerous laundry cleaning product, it should be used with great care.


When working with bleach, remember:

  • Review the manufacturer’s label carefully to regulate the strength and quantity of bleach.
  • Wear a mask when handling bleach. These can be purchased at pharmacies and large retailers in the first-aid aisle.
  • Open a window or door for ventilation.


In the event of a spill:

  • Keep others away from an accidental spill and try not to inhale fumes.
  • Cover mouth with cloth if no mask is available.
  • Wash skin immediately with cool water.



Slice a lemon in half

Because bleach has a pH greater than 8, it can create a slippery effect on the skin. Lemon or vinegar can help to cure this process. These are two acids that can cancel out the smell and slippery feel of bleach.


  • Wash the skin of all residue.
  • Slice a lemon in half or use a quarter cup of vinegar.
  • Rub over skin, repeat as necessary and reduce contact with your face and nose.


Though concentrated at a much lower level after washing, fumes trapped in the skin can still be damaging if inhaled over an extensive period of time. Trapped fumes can also exacerbate previous inhalation symptoms.


You should always report any symptoms that may occur, including coughing, nausea, shortness of breath, watery eyes, chest pain, irritation to the throat, nose and eyes, and wheezing,


Contact a poison control center at 800-222-1222 to seek immediate emergency treatment.


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