Cleaning and laundry is inevitable! If left to pile up, can also be overwhelming.  Here are some Clean Laundry tips to simplify your life and start out the New Year cleaner, happier and organized!


Laundry baskets are great for quick clean ups. Do a sort of “sweep” through the house at the end of the day with your basket picking up items that have been left behind, clothes, shoes and toys.  Put them away with ease. This also works well for carrying cleaning supplies from room to room as you clean. Smaller baskets can be used for tiny items as a sort of “lost and found” to retrieve later.

Daily shower clean

You can keep your shower clean every time you get in!  A daily shower spray cleaner will help with soap scum, mildew stains and hard water deposits. Keep one in the shower and enlist everyone in the households help!

On the run vacuum

Small, hand-held cordless vacuums make quick clean-ups a snap! Keep one in several rooms, garage and one on each floor of the house.

Manage mail               

Even with our technology, most people still receive junk mail.  Open it over a wastebasket or recycle bin so that anything unwanted quickly disappears.

Sort laundry

To make your laundry day more pleasant and efficient, invest in several laundry baskets or totes and sort dark, light and heavily soiled clothing.

Mesh bags

For smaller items such as socks, lingerie and baby items, mesh bags can be a lifesaver for keeping these items organized and safe from damage.

Resolve to lighten your cleaning load in the New Year!

It’s About Time,

Clean Laundry!

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