how we're changing the face of clean laundromats

Phil Akin has long viewed laundromats as a way to bring people together.  His roots in the laundromat business stretch back to 1983.  At that time, it was about bringing people together into a social environment that consisted of beer, pool, and conversation.  It was positive for the laundromat business.

That journey has since ended, but a new one has since begun.  And it’s about time.

When Ethan – Phil’s son – expressed a desire to create a laundromat that would present customers with a safe, clean, efficient, comfortable, and environmentally sustainable option, Phil was there to support him.

The success of the early stores in Waterloo, IA indicated that they were providing a service that was appreciated and needed.  And through a relational connection with Clickstop, an opportunity to expand the impact was identified.

Since the acquisition by Clickstop, the Clean Laundry brand has grown rapidly.  Many communities are beginning to feel the positive impact the store has created.  And for Phil, “It’s so rewarding to have people come into the store and sincerely thank us for providing such a nice, clean place for them to get their laundry done. They appreciate our facility, our people and the service we provide.”

The sentiment is being expressed across social media.  Our Facebook page reveals how customers are looking at laundromats differently and finding an efficient option to supplement their personal washers and dryers.  According to Phil, “We’re changing people’s attitudes about laundry. It’s becoming less of a chore and more of a pleasant experience.”

As communities are positively impacted, so too are the Clean Laundry employees and their families.  For Marissa, she’s excited to have “the opportunity to be a part of something that is at the start of fast-growing, quality service that people love.”  She’s continued to develop and grow along with the brand.  This aligns with her desire to impact the community and challenge her own growth.

This is a common sentiment among team members.  Chris describes it like this – “The challenge is working to change the perception of a traditional laundromat. We want to be different in that we are clean, have fast machines, a bright facility, tv’s, free wi-fi, and all those things.  But, the most important thing for me is creating a place where all people are welcome.”

The trajectory of growth for the brand is exciting. “Everyone is very excited to be part of something new and growing,” says Phil.  “We all get to be in on the ground floor of this opportunity.”

Are you looking to support the growth of a fast-growing brand while making a meaningful difference in the community?  If so, check out our current career opportunities.  We’d love to get a chance to meet you. 

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