We believe that our products are a great fit for everyone. Even if you have a premium washer and dryer set at home, our extra-large machines hold up to nine loads. This is perfect for large rugs, and bulky bedding that doesn’t fit in your everyday machines.

How Clean Laundry Provides Comfort and Convenience

Also, because we are always open and provide 24-hour video surveillance, we know that Clean Laundry will always be able to fit into your busy schedule!

Once we got the basics, we added some additional requirements to our list. We wanted to use Iowa-made equipment and we wanted a “Green” store that reduced the use of water, gas, and electricity compared to older, less efficient facilities.

Tell Me More About Your Machines!

All of our laundry equipment is made by the Dexter Laundry Company in Fairfield Iowa. The state-of-the-art, high-speed, energy-efficient equipment when combined with our Culligan water softening system will clean your clothes better, make them look nicer, and help them last longer.

Also, our lighting is run by high efficiency, low voltage LED system which is the first of its kind in the Cedar Valley. It actually works through Ethernet cables and a router. This system is manufactured by Innovative Lighting in Roland Iowa, and available through ACES in Cedar Falls.

We love supporting local Iowa businesses!

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It’s about time,

Clean Laundry

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