Everyone loves the convenience of a clothes dryer, especially at Clean Laundry! Our giant dryers move a ton of air through your clothes and dry them superfast!
Here are some other ways to dry your clothes with the best care.
What you need to Line Dry
A good quality clothesline either indoors or outdoors is best. If you have one outdoors, you may want to wipe down the clothesline at least once a month with a good pine oil solution and warm water, keeping your clothes pins indoors and away from the elements and dirt. For indoors, stay away from rooms with dampness. Hang from hangers, retractable clothes lines or inexpensive free standing drying racks.


Fabrics not recommended for line dry

Certain fabrics of clothing are not candidates for line drying. Knitted garments and wool fabrics will tend to stretch when wet. For this reason, laying on a flat, clean, dry surface or sweater rack will keep your garment in its original shape.
Flannelette, terry cloth, chenille and napped or pile fabrics may not look as good after line drying. A clothes dryer will make these fabrics look and feel softer.
Duvets and sleeping bags do not always do well on the clothesline, the down can gather and drop to the lowest end. To avoid this, hang across several lines and pin so that nothing is hanging too far over. This will evenly distribute the weight and reduce bunching.
Bright color fabrics can fade in direct sunlight if left out too long. Dry in the shade when possible or dry inside out.

Most towels become stiff when dried on a clothesline. There are a few ways to remedy this:
1. Pick a warm, windy day outside. This will increase the drying time and the movement from the wind will keep the towel from feeling stiff. Just make sure your towels are pinned securely to the clothesline.
2. Toss them in the clothes dryer and give a quick five-minute tumble either before or after you line dry.
3. Adding vinegar to the rinse cycle may also reduce towel stiffness.
Benefits of line drying
• After pre-treating and washing stained clothing, hanging outside in the sunshine can assist in fading and removing a stubborn stain.
• Sunshine is a natural whitener for your white clothing.
• No need for dryer sheets, line drying eliminates static cling. Just make sure to add a fabric softener to your wash load.
• By properly hanging your clothing to air dry – you can reduce wrinkles and have less ironing. This is also accomplished in a clothes dryer if clothing is not left inside the dryer too long. Timing is everything.
• Wash delicate fabrics such as hosiery and lingerie in a mesh bag and hang them out to line dry. This will keep the fabrics from tearing or snagging.
Certain fabrics will last longer if dried on a clothesline. You can also get that outdoor fresh scent!
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