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With the cooler days upon us, sweaters are popping up everywhere! Clean Laundry is here to help you care for Men’s sweaters and keep you looking sharp!

The two most prevalent fabrics you’ll find today in men’s sweaters are cotton and wool.


Spring, and early fall are typically the best times to wear cotton sweaters, when it’s warm but too warm for a wool sweater.  Cotton fabric is very durable and can be washed more frequently.

You can machine or hand wash most cotton or cotton blend sweaters.  Always read the label before washing. Wash in cold water to reduce shrinking, Caution: stay away from the dryer.  Simply lay flat on a towel or drying rack until it is completely air dried.  You may need to iron on a cool setting.


Wool sweaters are perfect for keeping you warm in the colder winter months.

Wool fabric not as tough as cotton and must be laundered more carefully. Wool will not wrinkle as much and keeps its shape better than cotton.

Heat, bleach and washing machines can very easily damage wool fibers.  With this in mind the best way to wash wool sweaters of stains and dirt is by dry cleaning or hand washing them.

With mild soap or shampoo, gently wash and rinse the sweater in cold water, simply press the sweater gently to remove excess soap and water.  Never twist or wring out as this may compromise its shape.

With a dry towel lay flat and in its proper shape, roll the towel up with the seater inside while pressing to remove excess water, repeat this once more with a dry towel.


Sweaters of any type, should never be hung, doing so will likely cause them to stretch and lose their shape. Fold them on a flat surface either in a drawer or on a closet shelf.

Taking care of your sweaters properly and frequently will keep them looking like new for a long time and save you a few extra bucks!

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