Have you noticed lately that your towels have that not-so-fresh scent? It might be musty mildew odor.

At Clean Laundry, we’d like to help you put that fresh clean smell back into your towels.

Baking soda

Begin by washing the offensive towels by themselves using the hottest water that is safe for the fabric. Add two tablespoons of baking soda to both the wash and rinse cycles. You may want to run one more rinse cycle to make sure the baking soda is gone. During this rinse cycle, avoid adding fabric softener as it may trap the smell in the towels.


You can also add Borax as an alternative to baking soda. Only add this to the detergent receptacle. Fill the rinse receptacle with vinegar. This not only helps to stop mildew growth, but also makes your towels feel softer.

Too much detergent

Adding too much detergent can actually bolster odors. A detergent’s purpose is to catch dirt, but if not completely rinsed, the dirt and odors will remain. At Clean Laundry, you need less detergent because of our soft water!

Completely dry towels

After washing, make sure to dry towels completely on the hottest setting. You can also hang your towels out to air dry in full sun. This will eliminate mildew and add freshness.

Fast Facts to remember:

  • Folded damp towels can promote mildew growth.
  • Always measure out exactly what the detergent manufacturer suggests.
  • Experiment based on the wash load size to determine if you can achieve satisfactory results with less detergent.

If you find your towels still have that musty odor, it is possible bacteria in your washer is the source of the problem.

It’s About Time,

Clean Laundry


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  1. Kati on December 1, 2015 at

    ChristyYeah! I am so glad that you made this just so you know, you can substitute the ciirtc acid for lemonade Kool Aid that is what I do makes it even LESS expensive!! I also put white vinegar in my rinse agent area instead of Jet Dry other than the initial fill, you never smell the vinegar.