The Days of the endless summer fun for the kids will soon be replaced with new backpacks, lunch pails and school supplies.

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If you have younger children, you will be seeing some of the standard pen, pencil and crayon stains in clothes. Leaving these items in pockets, waiting to go into the laundry causing hours of extra work is common this time of year.

Here are some Clean Laundry tips on how to take on those back to school stain setbacks.

  • Crayon stains are relatively easy to remove from clothing. Just coat the area with liquid detergent and let the garment sit overnight. Launder as usual.
  • For pencil stains you simply remove just the same way you would on paper. With a clean eraser rubbing back and forth lightly, then apply liquid detergent or a small amount of ammonia, (one part ammonia to five parts water) Rinse, then machine wash.
  • Oh, the dreaded ink stain! For this, you will need terry towels or paper towels, dry cleaning solvent rubbing alcohol. Always read fabric care label instructions. Apply solvent or alcohol directly on the stain using a paper towel or cloth. Using a clean cloth or towel, dab until no further ink is present.  Rinse thoroughly, rub with liquid detergent and launder in the hottest water safe for fabric.

Start a laundry routine for the entire family to stop dirty clothes baskets from exploding and cut your laundry time in half for an enjoyable school year!

It’s About Time,

Clean Laundry

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