Heading to the beach?

  • Laundry baskets are great for carrying towels, swimsuits and sand toys.
  • Flip it over for an instant beach table.
  • Line the basket with a sturdy trash bag and fill with ice to make a cooler for your drinks.
  • Plus, at the end of the beach day, just toss your sand toys in your laundry basket and rinse. No more sand!

Along for the car ride

  • Keep an empty laundry basket in your car to use as a grocery bag.
  • Load your groceries straight from your grocery cart to your car.
  • No items roll around and fall out of grocery store bags.
  • When you arrive home, make just one trip inside with your basket of groceries and you’re done!

Tame the garden hose

  • Store a coiled garden hose in a laundry basket.
  • Sprinklers, nozzles and other attachments are neatly stashed in the middle of the coil.

Outdoor gardening

  • Turn a laundry basket upside down over delicate plants a downpour or from small animals.
  • Use a gardening tote, perfect for collecting weeds and clippings while working in the garden and easily rinsed out with water.

Baby bathtub

  • Great use for bathtub support when babies are too young to fully sit up.
  • Tub water flows in and out.
  • Bath toys stay close at hand.
  • Perfect for storing bath toys.

Closet organizer

  • Stackable laundry baskets are great organizers for shoes, clothes, belts or scarves.
  • Organize towels on closet shelves by size and color.
  • Kids can separate soiled clothes by color with multiple baskets personalized just for them.

Laundry baskets can be used for more than just laundry.

Tell us one of your clever ways to re-use a laundry basket!

It’s About Time,

Clean Laundry!

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