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No need to put away your whites after Labor Day, there are many ways to layer whites and show off your personal style!

How to wear

White jeans are popping up everywhere and are becoming the new denim! These look great with dark color sweaters and boots.  You can also pair winter white, or cream with white. Layering clothing in same colors gives you lots of ways to add belts, scarves and accessories to your style.


How to care


Before you wash your whites, always pre-treat any stains beforehand.

Non-Chlorine bleach

Try not to use bleach, repeated washing with chlorine bleach overtime can weaken fabric and shorten the life of your clothing. A detergent with non-chlorine bleach is safe for all your machine washable fabrics.

Sort lights and darks

Sorting laundry by colors lights to darks in simply a must.  Just one stray dark sock can turn you white wash load into a dingy grey.

Never overload

Overloading your washer, make sure you leave enough room for detergent to wash and lift away dirt. Otherwise dirt may just lift and settle into your fabric.

It’s About Time,

Clean Laundry!

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