There is something fun about mixing (not matching) bright colors to pull an outfit together!

Primary colors work especially well with color blocking, but you can be as creative as you like with any color combinations.


Make sure that you sort your items by same colors.

Cold wash

Always wash in cold water and select a detergent that works well with bright or bold colors. Turning the fabrics inside out will help keep the colors bright.


Dry in a cool or warm setting on your dryer, to keep your garments from fading.


Color blocked garments

Color blocked gowns, dresses even tops are very popular attire these days, but washing them can be a tricky.


One way to keep the colors from bleeding into one another is soaking in salt or vinegar. This allows the colors to be absorbed by the fibers, making them less prone to bleeding in the wash cycle. Add about one cup of distilled white vinegar or a few tablespoons of salt added to a basin of cold water, let soak for 30 minutes before washing.

Inside out and cold wash

Wash in a cold water cycle.  Hot water can increase the risk of bleeding.

By turning your clothing inside out, you won’t prevent colors from bleeding into each other, but it will reduce the amount that runs. Always wash in a lighter or smaller load to keep garments from rubbing onto other clothing.

Use the dryer

With color blocked clothing, dry as soon as possible to set the colors in the fabric and to keep the colors in place. The longer the fabric is wet, the longer the colors can run. If you need to air dry, lay the garment flat and place on towels, rather than hanging to dry.

It’s About Time!

Clean Laundry


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