No matter which cut you prefer, from skinnies to bell-bottoms-Dark Denim is not only more stylish but it’s more slimming than ever!

How to Wear

This season there are some fabulous style options to go with denim, including jackets, sweaters, poplin shirts and cotton T-shirts.  Have fun by mixing denim with other textures, fabrics and colors. Caution: unless you’re joining a biker gang, wearing this look head to toe is a fashion don’t!

How to care

Always turn jeans inside out before washing.  This ensures during the wash and dry cycle the denim color will wear evenly as it rubs against the same color fabric. Wash in cold water to prevent fading.

Never over-dry.  Take your jeans out of the dryer while they are still slightly damp, turn them right side out and shake them flat. This will help avoid unwanted creases or folds. Let them dry naturally before folding.

Denim jackets with buttons should always be washed unbuttoned.  This could overstretch the button holes. Denim jackets with zippers can be safely washed turned inside out.


It’s About Time,

Clean Laundry!

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