Time to start thinking BBQ’s, swimming, camping and more!  With all those outdoor activities comes extra laundry!  Clean Laundry has put together some tips to make your laundry summertime fun!

From the beach to the pool

Be smart, as you unload the car and the kids, strip down and get all that wet sandy, strong chlorine stuff directly into the washer and the hard part is done.  This is especially important for towels since they get the most use in summer months and can become musty and moldy.

Summertime fresh

Sweat, forgotten towels, grease and campfire smoke goes right along with all that activity. Don’t just mask these odors. Get rid of them with store bought In-Wash Febreze Odor Eliminator along with your favorite detergent to get your laundry extra fresh.  No more need for running a second cycle.

Outfox stains

Pretreating stains is one the easiest ways to remove them.  If possible, pretreat as soon as it happens, even if it’s a dab with some cold water.  If your item comes out of the washer still stained, never dry it, you will set the stain.  Retreat and wash again.

Separate delicates

In the warmer weather we tend to wear more delicate, lightweight clothing and swimwear.  These items can easily get lost when you are switching a load. Place delicate items in a mesh bag so you can identify them.

Line dry

Take advantage of the season and line dry. This will keep delicate or musty smelling items fresh and give them a longer life.

Fold right out of the dryer

This tip works exceptionally well for no wrinkles, but if you are like most of us, you get busy and forget.  Set a timer on your phone as a reminder, this makes your laundry day much more efficient and enjoyable!

Now that your laundry is done, get out there and enjoy another fun summer day!

It’s About Time,

Clean Laundry

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