One of the first things young men will be confronted with getting out on their own, or away at college, is doing laundry.  Although it might be a bit confusing, it really isn’t rocket science.  Clean Laundry will show you the basic essentials of mastering this task.

You don’t have to wash everything you wear after only one use. The amount of time you wash your clothing, will determine the length of time it will last.  On average, here’s a breakdown of how often to wash your laundry.

  • Socks, undershirts, underwear: 1 wear. These items absorb plenty of oil and sweat, so make sure you have enough to last at least a week’s time. Never wear them twice or turn them inside out, yuck!
  • Sweaters and button down shirts: 1-3 wears. This rule may vary depending on how much you sweat.  If the armpits don’t smell and aren’t stained, just put the shirt back on the hangar and lay the sweater over a chair to air out overnight.
  • Cargo shorts and pants: 2-4 wears. Darker colors will not show the dirt or grime as well as khaki or lighter colors. Hang up your pants, fold and put away your shorts for a clean, crisp look between washes.
  • T-shirts: 1 wear: Just like undergarments, they are closer to your skin and will soil much faster.
  • Jeans: 4-6 wears. As long as these are not the jeans you work in the yard with, it’s very possible to go as long as three weeks before a wash is needed. If necessary, you can spot clean a small stain between washes.
  • Pajamas: 2-3 wears. This will depend on how much you sweat while sleeping. Most people can actually sweat up to a liter a night!
  • Bed sheets: 1-2 weeks: A good rule of thumb is to wash your sheets once a week, but most guys will not do this, so try not to go longer than two weeks, especially if you sweat a lot at night. To motivate your thinking, just keep in mind there are dust mites, body secretions, bacteria and skin cells lying in your bed, sweet dreams!
  • Towels: once a week. If used daily, towels can collect mold from wetness, along with body oils and soil.

These are just the basic everyday guidelines to get you started.  We will cover other guy laundry categories in our next segment.

Happy Washing!

It’s About Time,

Clean Laundry

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