If you’re looking for those last minute ideas and you know someone who does laundry then this is your blog!  Clean Laundry loves making your life easier and fun with some of these ideas.

Stain Fighter Stocking Stuffer

One of our favorites is the powerful laundry stain fighting friend, Fels-Naptha.  This is a heavy duty laundry bar soap that makes even the toughest stains disappear! You can find it in just about every grocery store isle.  This, along with a small brush is a great gift to help get those tough stains out!


One of the smallest laundry gadgets is the dryer ball.  The ones that are made of a light weight plastic are higher quality-stay away from the cheaper hard plastic dryer balls, these may damage your items in the long run.

Specialty Laundry Soaps

There are many perfumed scented laundry soaps, fabric softeners and sheets available. Also, scented fabric sachets for the dryer.  These make great gifts for someone who would not ordinarily purchase this on their own. Amazon and Etsy both have great selection.


A great idea for storage is a fun candy jar, you can put laundry soap pods or a nicely scented powder soap with a scoop and instructions as a gift.

Laundry for Baby

If you know someone who is expecting or is a new parent, gentle laundry soaps, rinses and stain fighters safe for babies are a great gift idea.  Place them all in a cute baby laundry bag, basket or baby towel.

Laundry Books

Many people feel the need to have a go-to manual to have on hand, what better way to display a fun laundry book with tips and tools to make your Clean Laundry day fun and efficient! A good one to try: The Home Comforts Book of Caring for Clothes and Linens by Cheryl Mendelson. Or a book on stain removal called: Field Guide to Stains.  These make great gifts.

Laundry room décor

Laundry rooms tend to be a bit on the practical side, it is uplifting to have some fun decorations to make that laundry task a little less tedious.  A cute basket with some laundry towels, soaps and aids makes a great gift to display.  Nice linen scented candles to spruce up the room, or a cute little laundry wall sign.  Many discount stores carry some of these items.

Just a little Clean Laundry gift inspiration for your favorite Laundry friends!

It’s About Time,

Clean Laundry

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