Jerry Seinfeld once used a joke that if you have blood stains on your clothes, you probably have bigger problems than your laundry.
Pretty funny. However, blood stains are no laughing matter when it comes to fabrics. Other unsightly stains such as sweat and deodorant can be downright embarrassing.
Read below and see how Clean Laundry can help you fight these unpleasant stains.
Blood Mishaps

1. Cold water rinse
One of the fastest ways to combat a blood stain is to rinse it in cold water right away. Do not use hot water, this will cause the blood to set in the fabric. Launder as usual if you notice the stain is gone. If the stain remains when out of the washer, do not use heat to dry. This will also set the stain and be next to impossible to get out.
2. Hydrogen peroxide
Using this works best if you are dealing with wet blood. Before deciding to use hydrogen peroxide, it may bleach or weaken your fabric and can cause a stain on its own. Make sure you pre-test an inconspicuous area first.
Dilute hydrogen peroxide with 50% water if you are unsure about the delicacy of the fabric. You can replenish this step until you see the stain has dissipated. Launder as usual, making sure blood stain is gone before heat drying.
3. Salt water paste
Using salt and water works well with delicate fabrics if you act quickly. The faster you treat the stain, the less time it has to set into the fibers. Always rinse the stain in cold water to remove most of the blood, make a paste by sprinkling salt onto the wet fabric. Rub the paste into the fabric, the abrasiveness of the salt granules and the dehydrating properties will loosen the remaining stain and draw the blood out of the fibers. Rinse away the paste with cold water, check if stain is gone. Launder as usual.
4. Toothpaste solution
This technique works well with dry blood stains. You simply apply toothpaste to the stain and allow to dry. Rinse away with cold water, wash area with soap and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Repeat if necessary.

untitled armpit

Deodorant stains

1. Roll-on or gel antiperspirants
Most people do not realize that underarm stains do not come from perspiration. The biggest culprit is the antiperspirants found in roll-on or gel forms. The reason being they are absorbed into your clothing more easily
 2.  Too much antiperspirant
Try using less antiperspirant, a thin layer will do the trick. Let it dry before putting on your clothing.
3.  Washable fabrics
Most deodorant stains can be removed by pre-treating either with a purchased spot treatment or a liquid detergent. Launder as usual.
If the stain persists, do not heat dry. While wet, flush out the stain with white distilled vinegar. Rinse in cold clear water. Launder as usual.
Why not bleach?
You may be asking “why not just use bleach?” You can choose to use bleach, however, bleach has been known to make stains worse and can damage and weaken certain fabrics.
Home remedies
You may also use other alternatives such as OxiClean and purchased stain removers. Keep in mind, the more aggressive the method, the more chance of damaging the fabric.
At Clean Laundry, we suggest you try some of these home remedies before you turn to stronger products that may be too harsh on your clothing.
It’s About Time,
Clean Laundry

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