Quite possibly the worst thing that can happen after doing a load of laundry is having your clothes covered in lint!

Clean Laundry knows just how annoying it is to be doing laundry in the first place, but to pull out your fresh clean clothes and then have to pick the lint off as you fold them… that’s just nonsense!

This week’s WashBlog is all about the causes of lint, the solutions to fix the problem, and how to prevent it from happening next time.

The main causes of lint covered clothes are:

1. Improper sorting; mixing items that give off lint such as sweaters, bath towels and flannels with synthetics, corduroys, and other napped fabrics.

2. Overloading of washer or dryer.

3. Insufficient amount of detergent.

4. Clogged washer lint filter.

5. Over drying in a dryer creates a build up of static electricity in synthetic fabrics.

6. Dryer lint screen is full.

Lint solutions and prevention measures:

1. To help remove severe lint on a piece of clothing, hand pat your dried item using masking or transparent tape and then rewash with detergent and use fabric softener in the final rinse.

2. Wash items that give off lint in separate loads from synthetic or napped fabrics. Turning lint collectors inside out may help.

3. Wash very heavy lint shedders alone, such as blankets, bedspreads or rugs.

4. Wash and dry fewer items in a load and use proper water level for size of load.

5. Rewash and use a fabric softener in the washer or dryer or use a detergent containing a fabric softener in the wash to reduce static attraction of lint to synthetics.

6. Remove items from the dryer while they are slightly damp.

7. Dry in dryer with a cleaned lint screen and make sure to clean your lint screen after each use. (At Clean Laundry we vacuum out the dryers every day!)

For more laundering problems and solutions check out what our friends have to say at the American Cleaning Institute!

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