After celebrating giving thanks and feeling as stuffed as a turkey, it’s time to get rid of those red wine, cranberry and gravy stains from that wonderful Thanksgiving meal.
Here’s some Clean Laundry easy solutions to keep your table lines looking new again.
Red wine stains
• For washable fabrics: For delicate linens, rinse with cool or cold water, soak the spot with rubbing alcohol. Flush with white vinegar to remove stain.
• For more durable fabrics: Coat stain with salt, leave on for five minutes to absorb stain. Stretch area over heat-proof bowl, use rubber band to secure, pour boiling water over stain from a height of about a foot.
• For non-washable fabrics: Pat spot with denatured alcohol. If some of the stain is remaining, dab with white vinegar, then rinse with cool water and launder as directed.
Cranberry stains
• Washable fabrics: Scoop up as much as you can and immediately rinse in cool water. Mix together one tablespoon of white vinegar and ½ teaspoon of your favorite liquid laundry detergent with a liter of cool water. If stain remains, sponge the stain with rubbing alcohol and rinse with cool water. Wash as usual, adding leach if safe for fabric.
• Non washable fabrics: Treat the same as you would washables, but use water sparingly. Even if the stain is not noticeable, make sure to point out to dry cleaner, since any sugars remaining can caramelize when dry-cleaned.
Gravy stains
• Pick up gravy spills from fabric as quickly as you can. Sprinkle flour or artificial sweetener over the stained area to absorb the grease. Place the fabric into a sink and soak with one teaspoon of a mild, colorless detergent and a cup of lukewarm water for 20 minutes. Wash as usual and let air dry.
• If your fabric is dry clean only, dab as much as possible and point out gravy stain to your local dry-cleaner.
Lipstick on napkins
• You can remove lipstick from your napkin linens by using another absorbent towel or paper towel and dab, dab, dab area with rubbing alcohol (70 or 90 percent). You should start noticing the lipstick stain on the absorbent towel, keep at it until the stain is gone. Some long lasting lipsticks may need a little more work to get out.
• You can also use a prewash spray onto both sides and let set in for a few minutes, then scrub with a brush. Rinse and wash as usual and allow to air dry. If some color is present, repeat steps above until stain is gone.
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  1. Saskia on December 1, 2015 at

    You can use soap and lukewarm water and dab it with a paper towel or let it soak into the stain. You can also use a bit of vinager which loosens up the stain. Or the last thing you can do is call the carpet cleaners.