This is the time of year when we all get so busy with everything from kids activities to holiday preparations.  Watch as Clean Laundry shows you 10 ways to enjoy an organized Clean Laundry day!


  1. Where there are pockets, there’s money! Hang up or keep a change jar in your laundry room to collect all the spare coins you find! You can even enlist a piggy bank.  Then, take yourself out for a treat!
  2. Hang your ironing board with two attractive hooks side by side. If your space is small, here’s an easy diy project: Take a board, new or used, make sure the size of the board fits right on top of your machine.  Cover it with matching fabric using a staple gun, glue gun or Velcro tape and voila! You have an instant ironing board.
  3. Pin your socks together with a clothespin right before you toss them in the hamper. This way you know they aren’t missing their mate.
  4. Hang an over the door rack (normally used in your pantry) in your laundry room to store laundry and other cleaning supplies. This saves space.
  5. Hide retractable clotheslines in a cabinet, then stretch them across to the opposite wall when you need them. This is great for those really cold months.  You can even repurpose an old crib and use the side rails by hanging from your wall, door or ceiling to line dry.
  6. Put together a stain station, in a basket, garden window box or a wooden box. Place all the tools you need such as brushes, stain sticks, baking soda and even stain solutions to get out every possible stain!
  7. Separate all your colors way ahead of time with several laundry baskets on an easy to reach shelf, labeling with: lights, darks, colors. You can ever take this organizing idea a step further and label each basket with a name.
  8. Store your powder and pods in glass candy jars.
  9. Tired of lifting heavy detergent bottles? Decant your liquid detergent and softener into beverage dispensers with spouts and never spill again!
  10. Turn an old (or new) wall mounted outdoor mailbox into a mini trash can for lint!enhanced-25392-1436537876-1Dirty clothes beware!  These are some practical and fun ways to organize your laundry day while easing up your life a bit during a busy time of the year!

    It’s About Time,

    Clean Laundry!

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