Giving you a clean laundromat!

My wife bought too many pairs of boots.  But it’s not what you think – she wasn’t piling up boots in the closet.  Instead, she was regularly replacing the boots that would rip, tear or quickly wear out in some fashion.  The problem wasn’t a habit of spending; it was a problem with choosing cheap over quality.

Because it was more convenient and affordable, it seemed like a better option.  But in the end, we spent more and more money on boots than if we went for the pair that was the right fit, not just the cheap fit.

We can do this with our time.  What seems like the shortcut ends up taking longer. At Clean Laundry, we’ve considered the elements of the laundry experience that will truly save you time.  When you choose Clean Laundry, you’re choosing a brand that is truly seeking to help you make the best use of your time and enjoy doing it.

1.    Safe Environment

We look for great locations to put our stores, but it doesn’t help the community if it’s unsafe and a customer must take more time to travel farther down the road for a safer laundromat.  If you feel unsafe, you are likely to put it off or avoid it altogether.  All our stores are under constant surveillance and regularly have attendants on duty.

2.    Clean Stores

We’ve found that taking pride in the cleanliness of our stores becomes contagious.  Customers see the store as valuable and support the cleanliness standards we have set for ourselves.  We provide regular cleaning of the stores and carts for customers to transfer loads and keep laundry off the floor.  We care about your clothes receiving the best clean possible.

3.    Efficient Laundry Equipment

Our machines allow for a customer to wash and dry up to 9 loads in less than an hour.  And this can be done without having to reserve half the machines in the store.  One washer. One dryer.  Less than one hour.  And we recognize that fast doesn’t necessarily equal clean.  But that’s what we have in mind. Our state-of-the-art equipment will deliver an exceptional wash and dry. It’s not truly saving you time if it doesn’t clean!  And in case you don’t have cash on hand, you can get your tokens using mobile pay.

But what happens in the unfortunate incident that the machine goes down?  All our machines are monitored remotely.  If there’s an issue, we have the ability to immediately offer a refund and transfer your credit to another machine to keep you moving forward.

4.    Equipped for Comfort

Need WiFi or USB charging stations so you can continue to work while doing laundry?  We’ve got you covered.  But what if the ‘Big Game’ is on?  We’ve got HDTV’s to keep you connected.  And don’t worry about feeling cramped. Our stores are spacious, offering plenty of seating and aisles that allow for comfortable access to all machines no matter who else is in the building.

No matter what time of year you arrive, the temperature will be comfortable.

5.    Innovating the Laundry Experience

In addition to creating a great laundromat experience, we’re also aiming to create a more enjoyable laundering experience.  For many, this would involve not having to do it at all!  We’ve considered this and are offering to help.

Clean Laundry Express is currently launched at a few of our stores.  This new service allows customers to schedule a pickup at their home or office location, have their laundry processed overnight and returned to them the next day, folded.

In the end, it’s about time.  Interested in helping others get more time to do the things that matter to them most?  Check out our current career opportunities.

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