Clean Laundry expands to Madison, Wisconsin

The first Clean Laundry store in Wisconsin, 13th in the nation

We are excited to announce that we have officially expanded to Wisconsin with our first store on Verona Road in Madison.

This all-new modern-day laundromat located in Madison brings a spotlessly clean place to do laundry with machines capable of washing and drying loads in as little as one-hour.

The Verona Road laundromat features mobile-pay options, free high-speed Wi-Fi,  large screen HDTVs, USB charging stations, and seating areas. Outfitted with bright LED lighting, stainless-steel machines, and state-of-the-art security surveillance, the Clean Laundry brand continues to differentiate itself from traditional laundromats.

This specific location is in the Nakoma Plaza, in the out-parcel strip in front of the Home Depot.

This laundromat opened in May 2020 and has Dexter Pay mobile capabilities, allowing you to pay for your laundry, control settings, and check the timing of machine cycles all from your phone through an app, you can download here.

Our next store to open will be in Orlando, FL next week! Excited about the growth from Clean Laundry? We are too! Join our team and learn about new opportunities on our Careers page. 


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