Spring has sprung! Yay!  That means it’s time to bring out the lighter, brighter clothing and join in on all the fun outdoor activities!

We all know that dingy, white clothing can seriously damage your look.

At Clean Laundry, we’d like to help you look dazzling by getting the stains out of those white baseball pants, or set off your entire outfit by brightening that white shirt you love to wear every spring and summer.

One of the biggest keys is to remember to wash your white clothing on a regular basis. To prevent them from setting in, it’s best to eliminate those perspiration stains that come in the hotter months as soon as possible.


Dishwashing powder

This is a great little trick to keep those baseball pants looking white and new every game.  Use one cup powder Cascade, one cup liquid bleach and one gallon of water.  Mix together and let soak for 30 minutes to one hour.  Then wash in regular white wash cycle.  This solution works well with white only clothing.

Baking soda

A great tactic to prevent yellowing is to add half a cup of baking soda, a time-tested whitening agent, to your regular wash load to give your bleach a boost.  Using this method, you’ll want to reduce the bleach you use by half the amount.

Lemon juice

Make your socks look brilliantly clean! Even the dingiest sweat socks come out white when you soak them in a solution of half a cup of lemon juice or two tablespoons automatic dishwasher detergent in a gallon of super-hot water.  Soak for about thirty minutes, or even overnight if they are really dirty.  Then, launder as usual.

Commercial products

For extra dingy whites, you can try mixing in a capful of a commercial color run remover product. You can find these products in the laundry aisle of many grocery stores or home improvement stores.


One of the most natural bleaching effects is sunlight.  Simply hang directly in the sun and allow to dry.

Hot water

It’s best to launder your whites in the hottest water without damaging the material.  Also, only wash white garments with other whites. At Clean Laundry you can be sure you’ll always have the hottest water.

Our soft water system, gets your whites whiter, your clothes brighter and is gentle on your fabrics.  Also, to bring huge savings to our customers, you only need to use half the amount of detergent to clean your clothes.

There are many effective ways of whitening your whites and preserving the bright life of your clothes.  Following these steps is all you need to make sure you’re looking as sharp as you can!


It’s About Time,

Clean Laundry

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