A lot of questions come up when doing laundry, especially for the younger generations moving out of the house and having to do their laundry for the first time.

At Clean Laundry we want our customers to understand the importance of doing laundry the right way so your clothes last longer, feel better, and keep you looking your best!

Here are our Top 10 tips for laundry basics, according to The American Cleaning Institute

1.For the best washing action, mix large items like sheets with a few smaller items, like blouses or hand towels, in the same color range. Avoid wrapping sheets around the agitator post of the washer. They need to be free to move easily.

2.Detergents work best in warm-to-hot wash water. Consider using cold water only for washing clothes whose colors might fade or clothes that are only lightly soiled.

3.If you are doing laundry in hard water, even a detergent needs some help. Add slightly more detergent than the product label directions recommend. The extra detergent will help soften the water and allow the remaining detergent to do its cleaning job. You can also add a water softener or detergent booster to the wash water to increase cleaning power. At Clean Laundry, we use soft water.

4.Wash all whites separately; pastels and medium colors together; brights and darks by themselves. Pay special attention to white and lightly colored synthetics; they can pick up dark dyes from other fabrics during washing. Check trimmings and decorations for colorfastness too.

5.Cold rinse water saves energy, makes ironing easier and helps prevent permanent press fabrics from wrinkling.

6.Don’t overload the dryer. Clothes need room to tumble freely in order to dry fast and wrinkle-free.

7.To save energy, always wash a full load or match the water level setting to the amount of clothes being washed. When washing small loads, use a lower water setting.

8.Blot it out! Sponge a stain – don’t rub it. Rubbing only spreads it and may even damage the fabric.

9.Fabric softeners can have huge benefits such as: decreasing static cling, which is especially useful when washing permanent-press and synthetic fibers. They also make fabrics softer and fluffier, reduce drying time, reduce wrinkling and make ironing easier.

10.After treating a stain, launder the complete garment to remove any residue left from the stain or stain remover.

For better living… we want you to stay clean and fresh!

It’s about time,

Clean Laundry

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