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It may surprise you how many common mistakes we all make with every wash load. Thankfully, Clean Laundry has some simple resolutions for these familiar challenges.


You can almost count on some fading to occur with most fabrics after several washes. One of the great benefits of washing your clothes at Clean Laundry is our soft water prevents your garments from fading and adds softness every time!

Detergent residue

This can happen when powder detergent isn’t dissolving properly. Never overload. When the washer is too full there isn’t enough room for the detergent to fully dissolve.

Dingy looking clothes

There may be a few of reasons for this problem. You may need to increase the amount of detergent you’re currently using. Try a detergent booster or bleach, or if you are washing in cold water, switch to hot. Properly sorting colors can also prevent this.

Seeing yellow

Yellowing is mostly caused by a buildup of body oils and sweat. A detergent booster added to your wash along with a fabric-safe bleach and your favorite detergent can combat this issue.

Pilling Problem

Pilling is caused by friction and frequent wear. Adding fabric softener to the wash or dryer can help. If necessary, use a lint brush or roller to remove pills.


To avoid this problem, always follow care instructions on labels. You will be less likely to see shrinking if you reduce the drying time and remove items when they are slightly damp.

Now you can go take on those laundry dilemmas with confidence!

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Clean Laundry

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