Clean Laundry Tips for College Students

It’s no secret that laundry doesn’t top anyone’s list of favorite things to do. Especially not in college. College dorm laundry rooms are often cold, dark and lonely. This barely suggests, “Come spend time here!” Add the constant search for quarters and you’ve got a downright dreadful task. However, it doesn’t have to be this way!

At Clean Laundry, we’ve created the optimal environment for students – from our free WiFi, large TVs and large load machines done in one hour – we’ll help you stay focused and on task.

Here are 7 fave ways to improve your experience when you’re stuck on campus:

1. Do your laundry during “off” hours. Sort your laundry before you go to bed and get up extra early to start the process. Often, you’ll be able to use multiple washers at once saving precious time.

2. Set a timer. If you’re stuck in the dorm dungeon, be efficient on switching machines. No one likes when someone leaves their laundry for hours on end with no sign of return. Set an alarm to remind yourself to check your laundry. This will make the laundry room a friendlier place for everyone.

3. Leave your digits. Take a dry erase marker with you and write your name and phone number on the top of the washer. This way, if the load is done sooner than planned they can send you a text to let you know. Note: if your college doesn’t allow writing on the machines with dry erase markers – try a sticky note.

4. Do your homework. Turn laundry time into study time. Use this time to focus since you won’t be tempted to nap on your futon instead of completing your assigned reading.

5. Team up. Don’t have enough clothes to make a full load after you sort? Ask a friend or roommate if they want to combine laundry loads. Split the cost of all combined loads and make your precious quarters last longer.

6. Down size. Invest in singe-use detergent packs like Tide Pods or Gain Flings so you don’t have to lug a heavy bottle of detergent to and from the laundry room. Unless you plan on doing some bicep curls while you wash your clothes!

Help your mom out – she’ll appreciate not having to erupt Mount Dirty Laundry when you come home for Break.

It’s About Time,
Clean Laundry

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