With so many sunny days and sporting events upon us, hats and visors get a lot of sweat, dirt and grime.   With a little care, Clean Laundry can help take the nervous out of getting them clean and ready to wear again!

1.  Washing machine

Care label

Most hats do not have washing care labels.  There may be a tag that identifies the material from which the hat is made.  Any cotton, cotton blend or jersey material should be safe.  Wool hats are the only exception.  Some older hats have a cardboard brim that may not hold up in water. Newer ones have a sturdy plastic brim that will hold up nicely in the washing machine.


If you have noticeable stains pre-treat with a pre-wash spray.  You can use this on the brim of the hat and where it makes contact with the forehead.  This is the dirtiest area of the hat.

Water temperature

Wash the hat in the washing machine with like colors.  Set on a cold or warm wash and rinse cycle.  Do not use a hot water cycle.

Air dry

Remove the hat once the wash cycle is complete, let air dry.  Never put a hat through the dryer.


2.  Container Wash

Pre-treat stains as above, add one teaspoon detergent, you will need a plastic container with a tight lid that is big enough to hold your hat. Fill with warm water until the hat is half way covered.  Close lid and shake.  The dark color of the water will indicate how much dirt and grime is being removed.  Rinse well with cold water and Air dry.


3.  Dishwasher wash         

Your dishwasher offers another alternative to washing your hats.   The gentle cleaning cycle or china cycle of a dishwasher can clean your soiled hats without harming them in the process.  You may choose to wash your hat with dishes that are not too heavily soiled, or alone.   Pour your usual dishwashing detergent into your receptacle.  You can use a plastic hat frame, or secure hat with clothespins onto the top rack of the dishwasher.  Remove your hat before the drying cycle begins and let air dry.

It’s About Time,

Clean Laundry

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