Careers and Job opportunities at Clean Laundry

Considering a career with Clean Laundry?  We’d like to give you some insight into the experience.



“The most meaningful thing about my job at Clean Laundry has been the feeling of belonging. There is really such an atmosphere of family here and that you are never alone!” – Travis


“The entire team is committed to making a positive impact and progress to opening successful stores.” – Chad


“I’m impressed by the team’s motivation to make this the most successful business it can be.  Everyone is working hard, and that’s been very impactful to me.” – Jordan


“The entire Clean Laundry team is a great example of a group of people operating as a team, working towards a shared goal. Everyone is willing to pitch in where needed and do what it takes to get the work done, to accomplish the goals we’ve set out for ourselves.” – Whitney


“We are growing fast but with control. We are always trying to improve the stores as we grow, and regularly assessing the customer experience. We don’t want to be your typical laundromat – we want to be the best laundromat. Every person on the team has this top of mind.” – Jim


Meaningful Work

“I find that forming new relationships with my guests is very rewarding. When you give a new person that new bag, it seems as if you are giving them a winning lottery ticket. They are so appreciative. Truly showing you care makes all the difference. I also like the fact that when I am done for the day, I can see the work I have accomplished immediately. It fills me with pride. – Travis


“I get the opportunity to meet different types of people and share in their story.” – Jose


“Hearing from our customers that they love our stores and are so grateful to be near a Clean Laundry is when I feel most fulfilled in my job.” – Marissa


“I have seen a store manager provide our service free to someone in desperate need and then even help them get home when the weather was really bad.” – Phil



“The challenge is changing the perception of a traditional laundromat. We want to be different in that we are clean, have fast machines, a bright facility, tv’s, free wi-fi and all of those things.  But the most important thing for me is creating a place where all people are welcome.” – Chris


“We’re changing people’s attitudes about laundry. It’s becoming less of a chore and more of a pleasant experience.  It is a very unique ‘spin’ on a very old business model.” – Phil


“We’re changing the way people think about laundromats.” – Quinton



“Jim – our Construction Manager – has been someone I’ve been able to ask many questions to. He is always available for a phone call so I can learn all that I can about the construction of a store.” – Chris


“All Store Managers have my personal number and can call me anytime for help.” – Ethan


“Although this role is very independent but flexible, constant communication is important and that is for me the most important support provided.” – Jose


Growth Opportunities

“What really attracted me, was the opportunity to grow and develop in many ways, from ops to marketing. Everyone on the team is working hard and giving their best. It’s exciting to be around.” – Quinton


“I was drawn to the fast-paced nature of the job, and the opportunity to grow this into something much larger than it is currently.” – Jordan


“The future at Clean Laundry really falls under ‘the sky is the limit’! Our growth plans and areas we are opening in really are exciting. Being a part of this so early really makes me feel like I can advance as far as my performance will let me and I can make a meaningful contribution.” – Travis


“Since joining the team I’ve felt a lot of ownership over the work I’m doing, and am in a role where I am not only utilizing my strengths, but have also had the opportunity to do some personal development, and improve upon skills needed to contribute at a higher level.” – Whitney


Fast Moving

“The most challenging part of working at Clean Laundry is trying to make sure that we grow as fast as the need. There are people asking for us to put stores in their cities because they want to have the option of going to a Clean Laundry when needed.” – Marissa


“This is a very fast pace environment which regularly presents different scenarios and new problems to solve for our customers.” – Jose


“With a new concept there are lots of new ideas and everyone has been coming up with them. Everyone gets to help contribute to what we are building.” – Phil



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