Clean Laundry Laundromat in Cedar Rapids, IA - Kirkwood Blvd SW

laundromat in cedar rapids near kirkwood college
Clean Laundry
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Tamara Vest
Tamara Vest
20:34 03 Jun 20
Nice owners clean
harleylova .
harleylova .
17:05 10 Jan 20
This should be named clean laundromat! This is a great place to do laundry!
Jeff Hawkins
Jeff Hawkins
14:54 26 Sep 19
Yeah so I just left their location on 6th st in Cedar Rapids IA. As I was drying dog blankets a worker came over and opened the bottom of my dryer causing it to shut off. My clothes didn't finish drying because he didn't restart the dryer. The entire staff did nothing when I raised issue with it. I didn't see him stop the other patrons dryers to clean them (both were white). It seems that people feel they can do what they want to you because of the color of your skin. Needles to say I wont be using their facilities any longer and am posting this in hope that others follow my lead.
Kevin Kral
Kevin Kral
15:55 27 Jul 19
As of July 27, 2019 this is, hands down, the all-around best coin laundry in Cedar Rapids. Tap water in CR is getting harder, but here, industrial-sized water softeners give you a much better result. Lint traps are kept clean so dry time is minimal. You'll be done before you know it.
Julie Fobair
Julie Fobair
18:35 08 Jul 19
Big washers and it's clean, except for the dryer sheets people just dump and don't pick up on busy days.
Eva Devi
Eva Devi
17:15 09 Jun 19
Very clean place,i really enjoy the free dry.
WonIl Kang
WonIl Kang
00:18 07 Jun 19
Children should not be allowed to be at a laundromat unsupervised, acting like this place is a playground. They are yelling, screaming, and knocking stuff around. Management needs to address this because there are always kids here running around during the daytime.
Norberto M. Pineda
Norberto M. Pineda
11:55 29 May 19
Love this place free bag and coinpurse. You can pay for individual machines using your app!! We're in the future people!! Come check it out very nice and clean manager Jose is very friendly. I don't post nice things unless I mean it! Lol
Denise Norton
Denise Norton
00:12 12 Mar 19
Loved this place when it first opened I would drive out of my way to go here. It’s Spring I wanted to wash my blankets and again drove out of my way to go here.....but sadly it is now dirty and over ran with neighborhood kids screaming and crashing the carts and playing in the bathroom 5 at a time along (boys and girls in the girls bathroom with the door shut). It was not a good experience. I’m sad it went downhill so quickly. 🙁
Devin Shafer
Devin Shafer
02:39 01 Oct 18
Clean, friendly, fast. Downside is it costs more than some of the other laundromat I've used. Still the convienence and Wi-Fi access made up for this.
Chris Martello
Chris Martello
06:24 26 Jul 18
Staff is friendly when present, and if you've forgotten to pick up some bills for the change machines they actually have card readers. Though, you may get stuck turning your money into otherwise worthless tokens. Prices on the individual washing machines are a bit of a sticker shock, but the equipment is new and in generally working order. It's a bit out of the way, but I'll probably keep busing up here to do my laundry.
Bret Walters
Bret Walters
23:45 19 Jun 18
Best in town, owners are great
Fritz Dallmann
Fritz Dallmann
17:39 20 May 18
Best laundromat in this town. You always know what part of town you are in when you go into a laundromat and this place is safe and comfortable. I struggle to find a place to wash clothes where... hate to say it, but out of place. Many times they can have rough people in there or ridiculously busy but this place is nice clean and not ghetto af.
Ethan Akin
Ethan Akin
19:05 18 Jan 18
Did my laundry there recently, very clean and nice. Would recommend you check this place out.
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It's About Time!

No matter how much laundry you have, the equipment at our Clean Laundry laundromat on Kirkwood Blvd. can get it washed and dried faster than you ever thought possible. Bring in your jam-packed clothes hampers, king-size comforters, pet beds, rugs, and all piles of laundry today. It's About Time!

Free Dry Days:

Tuesdays – Thursdays  7am–7pm

Equipment & Pricing 

Our machines accept quarters and Clean Laundry Tokens. We also have multiple change machines for cash and credit cards.


 Super-Sized Washers = 9 Laundry Loads

XXXL Washers = 6 Laundry Loads

XL Washers = 4 Laundry Loads

Large Washers = 3 Laundry Loads

Double Washers = 2 Laundry Loads


Super-Sized Dryers = 9 Laundry Loads

XL Dryers = 5 Laundry Loads

Large Dryers = 3 Laundry Loads

Get $11 worth of laundry money when you buy $10 worth of Clean Laundry Tokens!

1-Hour Wash & Dry

Cleaner Clothes, Less Detergent

Dexter App Mobile-Pay

Big Screen HDTVs

Free High-Speed Wi-Fi

24/7 Surveillance

Free USB Charging Stations

Snacks & Beverages

Tables & Seating

Home of 1-Hour Wash & Dry

Imagine a spotlessly clean and bright laundromat, filled with laundry equipment that fits every need no matter the load size. A place that can get your laundry done in less than an hour! A place that has free Wi-Fi, 70” televisions, is always open and is monitored for your security and safety 24-hours a day. A place that was carefully designed to ensure your comfort and make doing your laundry as fast and easy as possible. You don’t need to imagine it any longer, it’s right here in Cedar Rapids on Kirkwood Blvd! It’s called Clean Laundry, and it’s about time!

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Not Your Average Coin-Operated Machines

Our washers and dryers aren't like the average household machines. They're huge commercial laundry machines capable of washing up to nine loads at once! Advanced laundry water systems provide you with seriously soft water, which means cleaner clothes with less detergent! Plus, when you set the washing machine settings to hot water, we make sure you get steaming hot to ensure the best clean. Our Cedar Rapids location on Kirkwood Blvd. has 24 washers and 26 dryers in many different sizes to meet your laundry needs.

The Cedar Rapids Clean Laundry Store opened its doors in 2018. This 2200 sq. ft. laundromat is conveniently located in the Kirkwood Plaza (Next to Jimmy Johns and across from Kirkwood Community College.) Nestled near the thriving Kirkwood Community College on the southwest side of Cedar Rapids, this laundromat is the perfect solution for busy college students and anyone looking to get their laundry done fast and affordably.