Clean Laundry Laundromat in Phoenix, AZ - 19th Avenue

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Open 5am - 11pm
last load at 10pm 


Now Open!

Free Dry through November

No matter how much laundry you have, the equipment at our Clean Laundry laundromat on 19th Avenue can get it washed and dried faster than you ever thought possible. Bring in your jam-packed clothes hampers, king-size comforters, pet beds, rugs, and all piles of laundry today. It's About Time!

1-Hour Wash & Dry

Cleaner Clothes, Less Detergent

Dexter App Mobile-Pay

Big Screen HDTVs

Free High-Speed Wi-Fi

24/7 Surveillance

Free USB Charging Stations

Snacks & Beverages

Tables & Seating

Home of 1-Hour Wash & Dry

Imagine a spotlessly clean and bright laundromat, filled with laundry equipment that fits every need no matter the load size. A place that can get your laundry done in less than an hour! A place that has free Wi-Fi, 70” televisions, is always open and is monitored for your security and safety 24-hours a day. A place that was carefully designed to ensure your comfort and make doing your laundry as fast and easy as possible. You don’t need to imagine it any longer, it’s right here in Phoenix on North 19th Avenue! It’s called Clean Laundry, and it’s about time!

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Not Your Average Coin-Operated Machines

Our washers and dryers aren't like the average household machines. They're huge commercial laundry machines capable of washing up to nine loads at once! Advanced laundry water systems provide you with seriously soft water, which means cleaner clothes with less detergent! Plus, when you set the washing machine settings to hot water, we make sure you get steaming hot to ensure the best clean. Our Phoenix location on 19th Avenue has 24 washers and 26 dryers in many different sizes to meet your laundry needs.

This brand new laundromat is conveniently located on 19th Avenue (Inside Fry's Shopping Center). Nestled on the Northern side of Phoenix, this laundromat is the perfect solution anyone looking to get their laundry done fast and affordably.