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How Often You Should Actually Wash Your Clothes 

how often you should be doing your laundry

To wash or not to wash? A question we’ve all faced at the end of a day. You look your jeans over for visible stains, and even maybe even give them the old sniff test.   But that doesn’t really convince you one way or the other. You might decide to play it safe and go ahead and wash them. Couldn’t hurt right?   Not so fast. Washing your clothes more than needed wears them out…

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Time-Saving Tricks with Mesh Laundry Bags

Mesh laundry bags are great for washing items like undergarments and delicates. And, those mesh bags can be used for organization as well! Let Clean Laundry show you off-label uses for your mesh laundry bags. It’ll be sure to have you wondering how you ever managed without them!   Washing You’ll never have to wonder…

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Swim Suit Washing Tips

Summer is here! Whether you frequent the pool daily, or are just coming back from a vacation, it’s important to know how to properly wash your swim suit. Here are some Clean Laundry tips: Rinse after each wear  It is not necessary to wash your swim suit with soap after every wear, but you should always rinse…

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Storing your Prom Dress

Most store-bought dresses are not made to last long. Whether you intend to wear your dress again in coming years or pass it down to a family member or friend, you’ll want to wash it to keep it in pristine condition. At Clean Laundry, we have some easy care tips to help prolong the life of…

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Caring for Your Favorite Jeans

Everyone has a favorite pair of denim jeans. These are the jeans that we wear and wash so much that they start to become worn out. Here’s some Clean Laundry tips to keep your jeans looking just as good as the first day you wore them:   Cycle Set your machine on the delicate or…

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Brilliant Whites

Spring has sprung! Yay!  That means it’s time to bring out the lighter, brighter clothing and join in on all the fun outdoor activities! We all know that dingy, white clothing can seriously damage your look. At Clean Laundry, we’d like to help you look dazzling by getting the stains out of those white baseball…

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