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How Often You Should Actually Wash Your Clothes 

how often you should be doing your laundry

To wash or not to wash? A question we’ve all faced at the end of a day. You look your jeans over for visible stains, and even maybe even give them the old sniff test.   But that doesn’t really convince you one way or the other. You might decide to play it safe and go ahead and wash them. Couldn’t hurt right?   Not so fast. Washing your clothes more than needed wears them out…

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7 Ways to Make the Laundry Grade in College

Clean Laundry Tips for College Students

It’s no secret that laundry doesn’t top anyone’s list of favorite things to do. Especially not in college. College dorm laundry rooms are often cold, dark and lonely. This barely suggests, “Come spend time here!” Add the constant search for quarters and you’ve got a downright dreadful task. However, it doesn’t have to be this…

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