When you invest in Clean Laundry, we succeed together.

Our mission is to grow the Clean Laundry brand into a nationally-recognized industry leader that redefines the traditional laundry experience.

Clean Laundry is an intelligent, conservative investment with proven results. Coin laundries have consistently been a profitable market niche, but they have lacked consistent marketing concepts and operational controls. Now the market is rapidly expanding due to an uptick in the number of multiple-family housing arrangements. Combine this expanding need with the decrease in available free time for most mid- and entry-level wage earners and you have a solid underserved market.

We're recruiting investor and entrepreneurs around the country that are:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Motivated
  • Hardworking
  • Accountable
  • Good with people
  • Have good credit
  • Eager to help us grow

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Licensing Opportunities

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Ways to Invest

Our business model allows for flexibility in the type of investment you are seeking to make. Clean Laundry offers opportunities that provide freedom in your work-life balance to best suit your needs and goals.

Active Investment 

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to be involved in the day-to-day operations, making decisions and keeping track of financials? Then the active investment is best for you. To be an active investor, you must be the majority owner of a store or store(s). Choose to invest in one store or multiple stores.

Passive Investment 

Are you looking to simply invest in a low-risk, proven concept and want to leave the operations and day-to-day work to us? Then the passive investment option is best for you. You could be the full or majority owner of a single store or a larger territory (and make the decision to be passive), or you could simply be a partial owner of a store or territory.

There are many investment routes you can take to claim your stake in the growing Clean Laundry brand. This is just another unique aspect that Clean Laundry Licensing offers. We don’t want you to invest blindly, we want to work with you to help you fully understand your options and guide you on the decision that is best for your lifestyle and financial situation. Give us a call or enter your email in the box below to start the conversation.

Licensing Opportunities

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Financial Requirements

When it comes to investing in Clean Laundry, there are several options available. Each investment looks a little different based on a variety of factors, but in general, one could expect the following:

  • Minimum Net Worth $150k 
  • Good credit history with minimum 650 score
  • Ability to finance up to $750k (per store) 
  • Liquid assets ($10k-$150k)

Financing Available, inquire with a Clean Laundry representative at 319-382-7929.

Licensee Process

Clean Laundry runs efficiently and the steps to getting your store up and running are no exception. With our simple process, you can see your dream come to life in no time.







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Available Locations

We are on track to open 20 new Clean Laundry stores by the year 2020.

We use a proven method backed by data to identify the ideal location down to the actual store space that will provide you the most success in your investment. We currently have 20 stores in progress, with 10 other cities identified as target markets. Clean Laundry is open to assessing additional locations.

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best laundromat in marion iowa

Marion, IA

Clean Laundry's 4th location to open in Iowa

best laundromat in cedar falls iowa waterloo area

Cedar Rapids 1st Avenue

Clean Laundry's 6th location to open in Iowa.

washing machines and dryers in clean laundry laundromat

Dexter Equipment

Clean Laundry has a partnership with Dexter Laundry Equipment to reduce the cost of equipment by leveraging scale.

Known for Clean

We pride ourselves on keeping things clean!