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Get Laundry Done, Help a Local Non-Profit

Clean Laundry for a Cause

“We know that no other laundromats in the area do this, and we like to be different,” says Clean Laundry Co-Founder Ethan Akin. Whether it’s free laundry bags, free dry days, or free wash days, Clean Laundry has a tendency to give back to its customers. Now, it’s your chance to decide how much money Clean…

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How to Store Winter Clothes: A Complete Guide 

how to store winter clothes

Now that winter’s snow and slush seem to finally be behind us, you may soon find yourself re-arranging your clothes closet. Out with the scarves and sweaters, in with the shorts and tank-tops. But, how do you ensure those bulky winter clothes stay fresh and ready for next year?  Use this complete guide for the best tips on how to store winter clothes.  Cleaning Winter Clothes   Before storing any type of clothing,…

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